Newstyle & Pure Cotton Manduca

The Manduca baby and kids carrier has been designed in Germany by Wickelkinder GmbH. Orthopaedically designed and packed with features, the Manduca baby carrier is one of the most versatile and comfortable soft-structured carriers on the market.

Main features of Manduca:

  • Can be used for newborns (from 3.5kg) and for children up to 20kg (about four years old).
  • Includes an integrated infant seat insert.
  • Has an integrated back-extension for older babies and toddlers.
  • Has integrated head and neck support.
  • Is adjustable to fit most people.
  • The outer material on the newstyle is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Pure Cotton range is 100% organic cotton
  • The inner material is 100% organic cotton.
  • Can be machine washed at up to 30C.
  • Comes with instructions.
  • The lining, hood and logo are colour-coordinated to match the body of the carrier.
  • The well-established, universal pink logo has been replaced by a matching, embroidered version similar to the ones you know from the LimitedEditions.
  • The connection strap now has its buckle right in the middle, which allows for easier handling.
  • The stitching and shape of the shoulder straps are slightly altered for a maximum of comfort.
  • Just like with the LimitedEditions, the exterior back pocket has been dropped – with this Wickelkinder GmbH complies with their customers’ wishes as well as their decision to avoid any possible pressure to baby’s back. In any case, small and/or valuable items are easier to reach and safer when worn closer to the body (e.g. in a manduca front pouch).
  • The Manduca allows your baby or toddler to be automatically carried in an orthopaedically correct position ('M' position), i.e. sitting position with legs spread to the side, and knees higher than hips. In the Manduca you carry your child comfortably close to your body. You can carry your child on your front or on your back. The ergonomic and adjustable waist belt allows for baby's weight to be carried on your hips, preventing back pain. The padded shoulder straps can be worn straight over the shoulders, like a backpack, or crossed.

All materials used for making Manduca are specially tested and controlled for harmful substances.

For more information on the Manduca carriers please see here.