Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are available in three sizes - size 4, or shorties, which are great for quick wraps with toddlers or for quick trips, size 6, the standard size used by most people, and size 7, which is the recommended length for people over about a size 14 who want a long wrap.

What size wrap do I need?:

  • Long wraps (size 6 or 7) are best for newborns and babies that get carried lots.
  • Shorter wraps are good for quick carries with toddlers.

Wraps are most commonly referenced by their Didymos size equivalents:

  • Size 4 – 3.7 meters
  • Size 6 – 4.7 meters (also referred to as a Standard)
  • Size 7 – 5.2 meters (also referred to as a Maxi)

Most people start with a size 6, but if you are plus sized then a 7 is a better option. If you find your wrap is too long for you, you can always have it hemmed down.

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